Abandoned carts is killing your profit ?
75% of your shoppers
abandon their carts.
Booster Discount
stops it dead in its tracks
  • Easy Setup. 
  • Reduce Cart abandonment
  • Convert visitors into subscribers
Sell more products and Increase your ROI
You’ve already paid to get people to your site. Why pay twice to retarget them? Email marketing is the most cost efficient, and effective, to ensure that your ROI is where you want it to be.
By capturing leads when your visitors are about to leave the site you are in effect retargetting them without having to go through the complicated, and expensive, process of paid ads. Sending emails is free, and most auto responders have no cap on how many mails you can send. Capture a visitor’s contact detail and you can engage with that person for months and years to come.
See what Booster Discount Users have to say !
Booster Discount is really impressive. I'm working on increasing my customers lifetime value using email marketing and this app helps a lot. I can easily set up forms and widgets everywhere on my site to capture emails and save a big part of the traffic I get from Facebook ads. Best of all, the app easily generates a good revenue because you can capture unlimited emails which is freaking amazing. One last thing, the forms and widgets generated by the app are very responsive and the app's interface is very simple to use. Thumbs up for a great app!
Hamza Bk
I installed Booster Discount and was blown away but it. It reduced my cart abandonment by 46%, resulting in a significant increase in sales. It's easy to use, and the design looks great. Thumbs up from me.
Jani G.
I first learned about Booster Discount beta trial when talking to Mark L. I was also looking to grow my list, and it seemed to be a good solution for both. I installed the app which was very simple to set up. It has a lot of nice visual options and is attractive with customers. My cart abandonment has gone down significantly, and I’m capturing a lot more leads now. Highly recommended.
Carolyn P.
Cart abandonment is the single biggest
pain point for e-tailers in 2018
Research shows that over 75% of visitors abandon their carts
According to Monotate research, only 14.5% of visitors reach their cart
Super easy to setup !
Booster Discount will take you less than 2 minutes to install and will make a REAL difference in your store !
Ready to try it for yourself?
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